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Jon Kyle Greenway

Hi I wanted to know if you had any positions or jobs available? If so which ones?

Kyle Keller

Hi, I wanted to find out if you are open for lunch and if you offer any lunch specials or catering deals to businesses in the area? Can you use more lunch business or catering orders? We do a program for many restaurants where we help increase your lunch business and catering orders from nearby offices in the area! (Medical offices, schools, small and large office complexes) It is a short program. Based on a (5) week period (so no long term contracts, judge us by the results) What we do is send your lunch specials or catering offers to nearby businesses, right before lunch! We only send your specials to businesses in the area who ask us to send them your specials! Businesses who want to see your specials! We have a marketing team who physically call every business we can (within a 1-5 mile radius) of the restaurant and ask them… ~ If they have heard of the restaurant? ~ If they know, where you are located? ~ If they would like us to send them over a m

Oscar Majano

Hello! My name is Oscar and I target specific categories to offer customers/subscribers for Postmates, the nation's largest and fastest-growing on demand delivery service. We're looking for great local staples to feature on Postmates. To meet customer demand, we are looking to add another Japanese option on Postmates. Based on feedback we've heard about your brand, we think you would do incredibly well on the platform. We want to make operations seamless for your customers and staff! I would love to get 10-15 minutes of one of your team member's time to discuss some ways we can send you new business. I'm approved to offer discounted rates across specific categories because we're confident they will do well on Postmates based on past performance. Who can I reach out to for this decision?

Jamaal Davis

I'm Jamaal from Uber Eats and I wanted to reach out to discuss a potential partnership with your restaurant. I would love to schedule some time to speak and learn more about your business. I look forward to hearing from you.

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