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Chase Tunnell

Hi, Can you handle extra orders right now? Our customers want you. They have searched our app for your restaurant. We are partnered with almost 300 restaurants in the Knoxville market and we did almost 15,000 orders last month. Our orders are continuing to grow day by day. We would love to be able to send some of those your way. I can usually have you rolling in a couple of days. Chase - Bite Squad


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Shannon Jordan

Hello, my name is Shannon Jordan, and I am a member of Heritage Lake Co-op in Knoxville, TN. We are a local homeschool co-op that provides education to over 120 students, and we serve more than 50 families. We are requesting a donation to help fund the scholarships for the 2020/21 school year. Many families struggle to provide for their children's education and our goal is to help! With your partnership, we will be able to help those in need! We are receiving donations in the form of gift cards, vouchers, passes, or products. We will be holding an online auction during the week of April 6-10, 2020. Your business will be recognized as a contributor to our fundraiser! If you have any questions or need any more info, please call or

Nikole Kenzie

Hello Are you interested in extra working capital for your business? We provide unsecured business fundings up to $500k and can get you approved in 24 hours. Bad Credit ok.... no applications fees.... 24 hour approval time... up to $500k.... no upfront fees. Regards Nikole

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